Problem diagnose Thematic AreaFarming SituationsTitle of OFTRecommendations
2012 Kharif Lack of Green manuring in paddy Nutrient ManagementUpland paddyAssessment of green manuring in paddyGreen manuring recommended
2012 Kharif High weed infestation in paddy Weed management Transplanted paddy Assessment of Post emergence weedicide in paddy Post emergence weedicide as recommendade
2012-13 Rabi Lack of improved variety Varietal assessment Rabi Assessment of Lathyrus Var. Mahativra Accepted the recommendation
2012-13 Rabi Unavailability of late sowing varieties under rainfed condition Low yield due to use of local variety Irrigated Assessment of variety CG-1006 of wheat Recommended seed rate
2012-13 Rabi Weed infestation in wheat Weed management Irrigated Assessment of Post emergence herbicide in wheat -